Fire Product Information

Fire Insurance

This class of insurance compensates for losses of or damage to home, buildings and properties owned by your in the events of accident thereto.

Term (duration)           =         from 10 days to one year.

Premium Rate            =         Premiums are changed, based on class of building, its use and adjacent risks (surroundings)

Privileges attainable under Fire Insurance are as shown below:-

Accidental fire and fire spread from other sources, fire by lighting, fire caused by explosion of gas used for domestic purpose only, loss of or damage to properties caused by fire-fighting foam etc or water, loss of or damage to properties whilst being removed foam the burning buildings, loss or damage occasioned by or in connection with official duties discharged by fire-fighters loss of or damage to fall of roof, floor and walls occasioned by rains or bad weather are covered.

Additional Coverage

            Following additional coverages are available together with Fire Insurance.

No Additional Coverages  Premium Rate
1 Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage 0.06%
2 Aircraft Damage 0.10%
3 Impact Damage             0.10%
4 Subsidence and Landslide 0.10%
5 Earthquake Fire and 0.10%
6 Explosion 0.10%
7 Spontaneous Combustion 0.08%
8 All kinds of storm 0.20% - 0.25%
9 Flood and Inundation 0.10%
10 Burglary 0.20% - 0.25%
11 War  
  In the event of lost or damage, contact F.N.I immediately  

No-Claim Bonus.

            In case there is no claim during one-year insurance period 25% of the fire insurance premium will be reduced for the renewing year.


Requirements for Fire Insurance

            For a dwelling house leased from the owner, true copy of the lease.

            For lease warehouse a factory true copy of the lease and fire-fighting programme.

            For goods, machineries, furniture lists and invoices.


Payment of Claims

            In the event of a total lose full amount of the sum invoiced will be while a partial loss will be paid, based on the part lost or damaged.


To insure your home, factor, warehouse etc.

            Please contact F.N.I head office or its branches and agents dealing with F.N.I.